LD2110 High Density LED Strip

  • Qualified 2110 LED
  • 120/180/240/280/700 LEDs/M
  • Up to 700 LEDs/m High Density
  • Super Slim 4mm~10mm PCB Width
  • >90 CRI
  • 2000 ~ 7000K CCT
  • Up to 50000hours Lifespan



Introduction of 2110 SMD LED:

      LED density means the number of LEDs installed per meter or foot of an LED strip reel. Not only does LED density impact the LED output quality, but it also affects its brightness and light evenness. A standard density means 120 LEDs per meter, and 2110SMD can make up to 700 LEDs per meter. 2110 LED strips with high density obviously result in brighter and better lumen output, and a more uniform light output.

Key Features for Your Selection:

  • >90 CRI(Color Rendering Index) 
  • 2000K~7000K Widely CCT range
  • Fully Dimmable
  • Can make high density strip light 
  • can make ultra slim LED strip light
  • Perfect Heat-dissipation to ensure 50000hours Lifespan

Application & Wide Use

High lumen output and uniform light output make 2110 LED strip light widely used in:

  • TV backlighting
  • Bedroom lighting
  • Display / jewelry case lighting
  • Higher ceiling
  • Wider open areas
  • Places require a more uniform light
  • Linear lighting
  • Above cabinet lighting
  • Under counter lighting

Myledy IP Grade Introduction:

IP is an acronym “Ingress Protection”, a measurement standard ratings used to indicate the level of protection for electrical equipment against solids and liquids.

Myledy is equipped with state of the art manufacturing equipment utilizing cutting edge technology and top quality silicone glue to offer anti-yellowing, resistance to high and low temperature and diverse IP rating lever IP62~IP68 waterproofing for special applications.


IP20 without waterproof

Silicon Glue

IP62 silicon glue

Silicon Sleeve

IP65 silicon sleeve

Silicon Extrusion

Silicon Glue with
Half Sleeve

Silicon Glue With
Full Sleeve

IP68 Silicon glue+silicon case

CCT Spectrum Reference:

What Is CCT?
CCT(Correlated Color Temperature at which the light works) is represented by the number and the capital letter K (Kelvin), tells you the hue of white light. The smaller the Kelvin rating, the warmer the light, and vice versa. “Warm” and “Cool” do not describe the working temperature of the light, but rather the effect of light on us.

CCT spectrum

What CCT Should I Choose?
 The color temperature of the LED lighting effects your mood. The amount of white in your room will magnify this effect. If your space has white walls and ceilings, and you choose a warmer white tone, it will look warmer than using a dark color scheme. Conversely, if your room is dim, you may need a cooler white tone so you can see the room clearly.

CCT in one day

Wiring Diagram:

First, Calculate The Wattage of Each LED Strip — You should already have an idea of how much power will be required to run your LED light tapes. However, there might be some additions or subtractions in the number after you’ve cut and connected the tapes together. So, calculate the overall wattage required to power your flexible LED light strips again.

Second, Find Compatible Power Supply — You need to choose a driver that will use only 80% of its overall power to run the LED tapes. This is very important for the longevity of both your power supply and LED strips.

Third, Connect LED Strip to Power Supply — You can make series circuit or parallel circuit for the LED strip lights. And all Myledy LED strip lights are dimmable, you can also connect a dimmer for better brightness control.

With A Dimmer
LED Strips Parallel Circuit

Related Accessories:

Waterproof Power Supply
Power Supply
N20 Led Strip Lights Connector

For your “done-and-forget” LED lighting projects

We can do
for you?

Free Samples

Myledy can provide Free samples of LED strip for customers to better decide what products are needed for his projects.

LOGO Printing

Customized LOGO, date, batch number etc. can be printed on LED strip PCB.

Special Accessories

Relevant cables, connectors, LED profiles, power and other special accessories are available for your projects.

Customized Length & Color

Myledy is proficient in color consistency of led strip lights, we keep one bin and make customized length of LED tape for your projects.

Certificates & Testing Reports

Myledy LED Strip lights have CE, UL, RoHS certificates, and we can profile LM80, IES, Integrating sphere test reports

Prompt Delivery & Economic Freight

7~8 days for regular IP20 LED Strip; 15 days for IP62~IP65 LED tapes. Shipment by sea or air is based on your requirement.

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