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A Complete Guide to Aluminum LED Profile/Channel

Recently, LED strips are seeing extensive residential, commercial, and even industrial use. Extensive use means your strips get exposed to all forms of hazards. Luckily, you can always use these profiles to shield your awesome lighting projects.  Artical Guide 1. What Are LED Aluminum Channel? 2. What Are The Typical

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How to Freshen Up Your Home For Spring With LED Strips?

Every season brings in a different mood. Winter’s come and gone, and springtime is upon us. You can do so many things to freshen up your living space to match the mood for this new season. Here are some cool ideas: start a decluttering campaign or a spring decorating initiative.

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how much light do you need for your space?

How Much Light Do You Need For Your Space?

You can easily argue that lighting is the most important room design feature. That’s no wonder since lighting sets the mood and atmosphere for a particular space. Want to get the most out of a room’s aesthetics? Consider various lighting factors, like placements, color temperature, and of course, lumens. Designers

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Different Ways to Dim LED Strip Lights

Many LED lightings come with dimmable functions, allowing you to adjust brightness. There are many methods out there you can use to dim your LED strips. The size of your lighting project determines the one you’ll choose. Small projects use TRIAC and PMWs, while larger ones use DALI, 0-10V or

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How to Choose and Install Power Supply for LED Strip?

There are many types of LED lighting products out there. Most of them need a low voltage power supply, also called an LED transformer or driver. It is vital to know the differences between various LED products and the types of power supplies they need. You also need to know

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Powering LED Strip Lights with Battery

You won’t always have an AC power outlet like a 220V ready to power your strip lights in every situation. There might be instances when you need to use a battery instead. If you’re in a place without a power source, like inside your car or during camping, a battery

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things to know about fpcb for led strips

Things to Know About PCB for LED Strips

Flexible printed circuit boards (FPCBs) are highly innovative electronic devices. They are compact, flexible, and efficient. Having the proper know-how ensures a successful lighting project. No matter what type of lighting task you’re working on, there are bound to be LED strip options to help you out. 1. What is

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Comparison of 12v and 24v led strip lights

12V or 24V LED Strip, Which One to Choose?

LED strip lights are available in both 12V DC and 24V DC voltage input. There are a few things to consider when choosing them, such as brightness, run-length, and cut interval. Generally, 12V strips have shorter cut intervals, 24V  strips can have a longer running length before voltage drop occurs.

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LED Strip Lights vs Rope Lights, What’s the Difference?

Strip lights are composed of flat, flexible circuit boards mounted by strings of SMD LEDs on their surface. Rope lights are long, cylindrical tubes that also encase a series of LED bulbs. Nowadays, more and more individuals, homes, and businesses rely on LEDs. They’re safe, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Two of

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