3D Bending LED Neon Light

The 3D bending neon LED flex strip redefines lighting possibilities with its remarkable flexibility. This neon strip is ingeniously designed to bend horizontally and vertically freely, offering unparalleled installation adaptability. It effortlessly conforms to diverse designs and environments, gracefully following curves, angles, or edges. The flexibility to bend both on the top and side adds an artistic touch, allowing for personalized lighting effects.

8 x 8mm mini 3D neon flex


  • LED Qty: 238 LEDs/M
  • Power: 8W/M
  • Lumen: 360-390 LM/M
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Color: 2000K – 6500K
  • CRI: >90
  • Cutting Length: 29.4mm
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Length/Reel: 5 meters
10 x 10mm neon flex


  • LED Qty: 120 LEDs/M
  • Power: 14W/M
  • Lumen: 700-760 LM/M
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Color: 2400K – 6000K
  • CRI: >90
  • Cutting Length: 50mm
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Length/Reel: 5 meters

Kinds of accessories for selection:

1. the Standard Accessory Package:

Myledyd neon lights are equipped with a standard accessory kits for customers to install.

standard accessory kits in each package(5m)

2. Various wire connection methods

Ordinary End Cap Cable connection:

The traditional silicone end cap is slightly larger than the original size of neon, but it is convenient to use when customizing cutting.

Silicone Molded Cable Connection:

Silicone molded cable connection is more concise, clear and beautiful. It only can made by molding machine.

3. other mounting accessories for option:

Myledy also provides a wide range of accessories to meet customers’ different customized requirements.

4. the Matters needing attention in neon bending:

In order to ensure the life and reliability of neon strip light , it is necessary to bend in the specified direction and radian (top light and side light are not the same) in.

  • Please do not bend the side-light neon towards the lighting surface. Similarly, do not bend the side-light neon towards the side;
  • Any neon bends must retain a certain arc when bent, and too small bend arc may will cause damage to the light strip.

The diagram below will give you a right demonstration:

The Cutting & Installation Guide For Neon Flex:

1. How to install?

We will provide basic screws and metal mounting clips to fix the neon lights. In addition, you can also choose our straight aluminum channels or bendable alu-channels to satisfy more installation requirements. The installation steps and attentions are as follows:

2. How to customize the length?

Here are some easy steps to install neon LED strips in your residential or commercial property:

Other Related Accessories:

Waterproof Power Supply
Power Supply

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Relevant cables, connectors, LED profiles, power and other special accessories are available for your projects.

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Myledy is proficient in color consistency of led strip lights, we keep one bin and make customized length of LED tape for your projects.

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Myledy LED Strip lights have CE, UL, RoHS certificates, and we can profile LM80, IES, Integrating sphere test reports

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