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What we do

We are focusing on LED strip lights and LED profile for lighting projects and business

Who we are

A tour about Myledy LED lighting

For over 14 years Myledy has committed itself fully to providing high quality led strip lights and led profile for our customers. Myledy is family-owned company located in Shenzhen, with over 400 staff and 30,000 square meter manufacturing park in Dongguan. Quality and safety have the highest priority for all myledy led strip lighting products,  Top-quality design, excellent functionality, the best possible product safety and a long service life are our goals.

Why we are Reliable

We are committed to be a reliable partner for your LED lighting projects and business

2 SDCM consistency

Tightest LED binning for consistent CCT and CRI within 2 SDCM for all our led strip lights, one bin only for each reel and batch.

14 years experience

Established in 2003, Myledy have been focusing on high quality LED strip lights and LED profile.

3 years warranty

Myledy vouches for a long service life of its entire LED lighting product portfolio by granting a 3 years warranty.

One-stop service

We handle all manufacturing process, including: LED packaging, SMD, Assembling, Silicone coating, QC system

0.0001% Rejects

We are proud of the quality of our LED strip lighting and panel lighting. Many clients “0” reject report for several years.


Our entire product portfolio enable CRI with values greater than 90, presenting the true color for you.

UL,CE Approved

We obtained all important certifications of strip lights and panel lighting, such as UL, RoHS, CE and ISO.

Fast delivery

All non-waterproof led strip order will be delivered within one week. For strip with silicone glue coating, the lead time is about 8 days

Great linear projects we’ve made


Our experience covers all types and scale of projects including:

Bars, Cinemas, Department Stores, Hotels, Landmark Buildings, Retail Flagships & Rollouts, Shopping Centres, etc.

Leading brands we are cooperating


Myledy have developed and continued to grow great relationships with world leading companies

Clients have entrusted quality and service with us for over 10 years.

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