LED Strip Lights

CCT: within 3 MacAdam ellipses

CRI: Up to 95 (TM-30 scores available)

Our Products

We provide top-quality LED strip lights and profiles for your lighting projects, large and small

Led Strip Lights

LED Profiles

Our Company

For over 15 years, Myledy has committed fully to providing premium LED strip lighting solutions for our clients. Located in Shenzhen, this family-owned company has over 400 staff and a 30,000-square-meter manufacturing park in Dongguan. We focus on top-quality design, excellent functionality, stringent compliance with safety standards, and long service life for all Myledy products.

Our Projects

You’ll see our lighting solutions in projects of all types and sizes:
theaters, hotels, landmark buildings, retail flagships and rollouts, shopping plazas, and more.

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What Customers
Say About Us

Our Promises

We dedicate ourselves to serving as a reliable partner for your LED lighting projects


We provide 2 SDCM instead of 5 or 7 and one bin only for each reel and batch, surpassing industry standards.


Established in 2003, Myledy provides expertise built from 15 years as a manufacturer in the LED industry.


We have the distinction of a 0.00001% rejection record, with many satisfied long-term clients.


Warranty Myledy vouches for its entire portfolio with its 5-year warranty.


Our entire portfolio enables true color for you, with CRI values greater than 90, all the way up to +95 CRI for some of our products.


We ensure that our LED strip lighting solutions meet or exceed the standards for our certifications, such as UL, RoHS, CE, and ISO.


We handle all manufacturing processes, including LED packaging, SMD, assembly, silicone coating, and packaging.


All non-waterproof LED products deliver within one week. Strips with silicone coating take a lead time of approximately eight days.

We have provided LED lighting to some of the world’s leading companies Our clients have trusted our quality and service for more than a decade.