Skirting baseboard LED Channel

This aluminum profile is an LED strip skirting board or baseboard led lighting channel that can be recessed into the wood or drywall structures to provide indirect lighting for Baseboard Lighting or Cove Lighting.

Alu baseboard LED profile is a new accent and mood lighting solution, which can equally be used as low energy night lighting, particularly in hallways, cinemas, theatres, hospitals, and hotels. Though the fitting is integrated within the wall, the LED light source itself is very discrete and unobtrusive, and therefore ideal for soft colour and clearly defined mood-changing effects.

The baseboard LED lighting profile can also be used to create a cove lighting feature below the ceiling.

Typical Applications: hallway baseboard lighting in houses and hotels, skirting board mood lighting, Kitchen counter Baseboard Lighting, Outdoor Path Lighting, Recessed Baseboard Lighting, Cove Lighting.

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