How to Freshen Up Your Home For Spring With LED Strips?

Every season brings in a different mood. Winter’s come and gone, and springtime is upon us. You can do so many things to freshen up your living space to match the mood for this new season. Here are some cool ideas: start a decluttering campaign or a spring decorating initiative. Who knows, maybe what you need are just some simple furniture rearrangements. 

There are tons of ideas out there you can use. But there’s always one thing not to miss – your season-inspired lighting. Your lighting can set up the right atmosphere for spring. And with LED strip lights, there are just so many ways to customize. Let’s look at some of the best ways to revamp your home with LED strips.

1. 8 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home With Strip Lights.

Lighten Up Your Entryway

We’re talking about first impressions here. Entryways set the mood for the rest of your home experience. Come to think of it; your entryway tells a lot about who you are. We all know that things can be hectic during the winter, so now would be a great time to declutter and decorate. 

After you’ve organized your entryway, it’s time to add proper lighting as a finishing touch. A foyer or entryway is the part of your home that welcomes visitors, so it’s ideal for warm lighting. You can use warm color temperatures, something that’s around 2700K.

Highlight Your Staircase

Chances are, your stairway is immediately visible from the entryway. So it’s a part of your home’s welcoming environment, helping it set the mood for the season. You can enhance your staircase aesthetics with LED strip lights while giving it functional features.

Did you know that lighting your staircase can improve its safety? You can install the strips on the steps, the adjacent wall, or the handrails. Any of these provide their own lighting effects, and there’s no stopping you from mixing them up.

Show Off A New Paint Job

Nothing revamps a room more than a fresh new paint job. And it’s one of the easiest and most affordable ways you can decorate. So, which room do you think could use a fresh new coat? Is your living room getting stale? Or maybe the kitchen’s layer has seen better days?

Spring color trends tend to be lavender, soft and neutral white, bright yellow, and rose. Whichever room or paint job you choose, you can definitely show it off by adding the proper illumination. It can even improve your new coatings. 

Give Life To Your Ceilings

Of course, when doing your spring makeover, you wouldn’t want to forget about your ceilings. It may not be the first one to attract attention, but a well-designed top adds to the overall visual appeal of any room. Want your visitors this spring to be spending their gaze up? Make your ceilings stand out with strip lights.

One of the ways you can do this is by installing elegant cove lighting on the corners of your ceilings. Cove light bulbs aren’t visible from below, tucked away from the occupants. Cove strip lights come in different sizes and colors, and it’s easy to find a match for your ceiling design.

Place Accent Lights On Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home. You wouldn’t want to leave it hanging while the rest of your rooms are getting a spring-themed refashion. The best design element you can do for your kitchen is by adding accent lights to create stunning focal points. 

Your kitchen’s probably seen a lot of use during the holidays. Even if you’re not doing redecorating, it’s best to start doing some cleaning to freshen it up. After that, start placing those reinvigoration accent lights. Place them around and inside cabinets, the under-counter, the pantry, and shelves.

Make Your Bedroom Shine

It’s the turn of the year, and you finally hear the birds singing from your private quarters. We’re talking about your bedroom, and there’s no better time to make it shine than now. There are a lot of ways you could do this using strip lights.

You can start by adding little shades of color around your bed, either below it or behind it facing the wall. Many designers also incorporate strip lights in TV backlighting, inside and under cabinets, and behind mirrors. Well, your imagination is the limit here since you can place strip lights just about anywhere.

Don’t Miss a Bathroom Revamp

Many people miss out on bathroom remakes because a bathroom is almost always out of sight. But if you want yours to look more than just a functional space this season, decorate away! Refreshing a bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated. Just a couple of accent lightings here and there, and you’re good to go.

Like in your kitchen, accent lighting can make a lot of visual impact in your bathroom. You can place LED strips accents behind mirrors, around your cabinetry, shelves, and countertop. And since accent lighting is indirect, it creates a soothing, relaxing tone. You can even put up accent strips in your shower.

Make Your Outside Spring-Ready

Your backyard, verandas, step threads and pathways, and landscapes are prime decor spaces. Why not make them spring-ready with spring-colored LED strips? You can place strip lights around these highly-visible exterior spaces to show them off to neighbors passing by.

You can even use color-changing strip lights to convey varying moods. Just make sure to use weatherproof and waterproof LED strips. These strips can withstand the outside elements, like, dust and debris, moisture, and rain. For all we know, spring is the rainiest season of the year.

2. Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Strip Lights.

LED Strip light popularity has skyrocketed in research years. That’s no wonder since strip lights are flexible and long-lasting. And they also use much less energy compared to non-LED alternatives. Here are the different factors to consider when designing your living space with LED strips.


You can categorize strip lights based on the environment you’d install them. Strip lights come in three types: non-weatherproof, weatherproof, and waterproof. Non-weather strips are only suitable indoors. As mentioned, if you’re going to install outdoors, it’s best to use weatherproof and waterproof strips.


Make sure to measure the space where you want your strips thoroughly. Take into account any corners, changes in elevation, and gaps. Measurements are essential since every strip light has an ideal maximum run length before voltage drop occurs.

Power Supply and Voltage

Most strips come in 12 or 24 volts. When choosing a power supply, make sure its voltage matches the voltage of your LED strips. Wattage is also something to consider. Always select a power supply with a 20% more wattage rating than the strips they’ll power.

Color and Brightness

There are countless LED colors to choose from in a wide of brightness.

  • LED Light Colors = Correlated Colour Temperature. It is for white color LED lighting.
    In addition, LED strip also have other single lights, such as blue, green, red, etc., as well as GRB LED light and RGBW LED light. You can opt for single-colored, multi-colored, or color-changing variants.
    room light in different CCT
  • LED brightness : measured in Lumens. Compared with incandescent light distinguished by watts in the past, LED lights have higher light efficiency, making them higher lumens and significantly brighter at the same watts.

Want the ability to customize your strip’s brightness? Wire it to a compatible dimmer that’s connected to your power supply.

Final Words

There are many clever ways to use LED strips to freshen up your home now that the holidays are over. Hopefully, you’ve picked up some awesome ideas from this article. The only thing left is to find some high-quality LED strips to make it all happen. 

If you need help deciding which strip lights to choose, let the experts at Myledy help you out. If you haven’t yet, check out our collection of premier but affordable strip lights and strip light accessories. We always got the stuff you need for your project.

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