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IP67 waterproof grade, fully linear light pot-free, variety colors for selection, suitable for all kinds of modeling applications and very easy to installation.

Whether it’s signage or a decoration piece, neon LED strip lights are built to illuminate the whole room with its bright, funky colors and clear light. Even though neon lights got trendy a while ago, there are different variants available in the market. 

Want to add an extra flair to your room with bright colored neon LED strips? This article will bring you more about neon light strips.

Whether it’s signage or a decoration piece, neon LED strip lights are built to illuminate the whole room with its bright, funky colors and clear light.

Let us read this article to find out:

1. What is a Neon LED Strip?

Neon LED strip lights are the most efficient form of LED lighting that you can use in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. This strip is a flexible LED tube, enclosed in silicone and consists of a cluster of LEDs installed on a PCB strip. The flexibility of this neon LED strip makes it more user friendly and multi-purpose.

Here are some ways you can utilize this flexible neon light for:

  • An accent, or drawl lighting in your living area
  • Task lighting in your office
  • Creating your retail display signages
  • Ambient lighting inside your RV or around your RV’s awning
Led Neon Light Using

The neon LED deliver a uniform lighting so that you can have the perfect ambiance. Here are some other benefits you must know about neon light strips:

Led Neon Light Waterproof 1
Led Neon Light Waterproof 2

Better in the Longer Run

Every neon flex LED light comes with dotted lines present after every 1 meter along the solder pads. You can cut them to achieve the desired length.

Lower Maintenance

Once you install these Neon LED flex, you don’t need to do anything else as they require little to no maintenance.

Improved Efficiency

These neon LED strips convert electrical power into visible energy in a more efficient manner. Without having to compromise on the LED light output, you can reduce your energy costs.

High Waterproof Grade

All neon led strips are designed with IP67 waterproof grade. Available for outdoor use.

Easily Bendable

Myledy neon LED strip lights are extremely flexible and feature a minimum bending diameter of 6 cm.

Convenient and Widely Using

Highly flexible, Uniform and beautiful light output, making LED Neon Light a variety of shapes and be widely used.

2. LED Neon Light vs LED Strip Light?

Another important thing you should be mindful of before purchasing your LED is the difference between LED neon and strip light. Here are some vital discrepancies for your consideration:


Even though both are almost similar, they do have different manufacturing designs. LED neon lights are linear LED lighting, enclosed inside a thin silicon outer covering. The silicone sleeve makes LED neon’s lighting output more diffused and soft as compared to LED Strip Lights.

Neon Strip Light
Led Strip Light


Neon flex has about 30-80LM/W, whereas Strip lights produce a light output of about 100-180MW.

The power of neon lights is no more than 18W. That’s why strip lights are a better option where you need higher light output.


If you are planning to decorate your workstation, then Neon light is the best option for you. LED Neon is more visible and are continuous throughout the length, and you can easy to create different shape design by using Neon Strip light.

LED Strip Lights have a gap between the LED SMD, making them less appealing for decoration. LED Strip Lighting suits the best when you use them behind frosted diffuser which can reduces the glare from seeing the LED. They are more common for decorating commercial architectural lighting.

Comparison Of Neon Strip And Led Strip

3. Neon LED Flexible Strip vs Traditional Neon Glass Lighting

With several neon variants available in the market, consumers sometimes find it hard to choose the best one for their lighting needs. The most commonly available ones are traditional neon glass lightings. However, here are some key differences you should consider before making a final decision:

Environment Friendly

The neon flex LED strip produces fewer CO2 emissions to reduce your carbon footprint and promote a greener environment. Whereas the traditional glass one uses toxic elements such as Mercury for lighting, making the neon flex light a greener and safer option.

Light Source

LED neon flex lights use LED, which is a solid-state semiconductor, to produce light energy. The LED makes it more eco friendly and less energy wastage. Whereas the traditional neon glass lighting uses neon gas fluorescents for illumination, it increases your energy costs and is also unsafe.


The LED neon flexible tube lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, whereas traditional ones last for 10,000 hours only.

Input Voltage

The neon flex LED light uses 24-120 Volts of input, way lesser than neon glass lights use 3KV-18KV.

Better Output

LED Neon Flex output exceeds that of glass neon by a whopping 52%. It produces a lumen output up to 90 Lm/ft, whereas glass neon lights deliver 59.15 Lm/ft.

4. The Installation Guide For Neon LED Strip

Here are some easy steps to install neon LED strips in your residential or commercial property:

Step 1. Cutting to The Right Size You Need

Most of the time, your LED seller will give you pre-cut neon led strip lights. But if they don’t, you can do it yourself.

Every neon flex LED light comes with dotted lines present after every 0.5 meter along the solder pads. You can cut them to achieve the desired length.

Installation Of Neon Strip Light Step 1

Step 2. Connect the Transmission End of the Strip to a Power Connector

  1. First, apply glue to the outer jacket, ensuring glue doesn’t get to any core wiring. And you should note:

1)  Wait for at least 8 hours for the glue to fully set.
2)  Insert the male connector into the light body while keeping the terminal pins aligned with the strip’s core wire.
3)  The connector must fit securely and sit with all aligned terminal pins.

2. Install the clip securely on one side of the strip.

3. Attach the fixing box carefully over the clip.

Installation Of Neon Strip Step 2.1
Installation Of Neon Strip Step 2.2
Installation Of Neon Strip Step 2.3

Step 3. Insert a Tail Plug Into The Non-transmission End

  1. Apply some glue to the end cap and install a tail plug in the strip’s on-transmission end.

  2. Install the clip carefully.

  3. Carefully attach the fixing box.

Installation Of Neon Strip Step 3.1
Installation Of Neon Strip Step 3.2
Installation Of Neon Strip Step 3.3

Step 4. Carefully attach the fixing box.

Install the track through a screw, then insert the strip into the track.

Installation Of Neon Strip Step 4

Why choose MYLEDY LED Tape Light?

LED Chip

Generally, MYLEDY Led strips are using Epistar LED chips. We can also take other brand chips according to customers' requirements such as Cree Samsung Philips chips etc. High quality LED strip lights are myledy's consistent pursuit.

PCB Board

Myledy uses at least 2 oz 100% pure copper pcb plates, some are 3 ounces and 4 ounces for better heat dissipation. Our PCB boards are purchased from well-known PCB producers that can meet the CE,RoHS,UL etc requirements and ensure excellent quality.

Color Consistency

Color consistency is particularly important for Myledy focusing on high quality projects. Apart from ensuring color consistency for one order, we will record each batch BIN number (≤2 Step, +/-50K) ensuring that the following orders can be as consistent as possible before orders. To make sure guests projects display perfect lighting effect.

Extensive IP Grade Optional

We make fully range of IP grade by ourselves, IP62/IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68. Myledy is equipped with state of the art manufacturing equipment utilizing cutting edge technology to offer anti-yellowing, resistance to high and low temperature and waterproofing for special applications.

Extreme Strict Quality Control

Myledy automated production equipment allows inspection of each step of production, to ensure zero failure rate and the delivery time within 7-15 working days. Every stage of production is inspected by trained QC workers. All strip lights will undergo a 4-8 hours aging test to ensure 50000hours lifespan.

Experienced R&D Teams and Sales Team

Our experienced R&D team enable myledy to innovate continuously, while satisfy customer requirements for OEM projects. Our professional sales-mate reply your questions at first time.

For your “done-and-forget” LED lighting projects

We can do
for you?

Free Samples

Myledy can provide Free samples of LED strip for customers to better decide what products are needed for his projects.

LOGO Printing

Customized LOGO, date, batch number etc. can be printed on LED strip PCB.

Special Accessories

Relevant cables, connectors, LED profiles, power and other special accessories are available for your projects.

Customized Length & Color

Myledy is proficient in color consistency of led strip lights, we keep one bin and make customized length of LED tape for your projects.

Certificates & Testing Reports

Myledy LED Strip lights have CE, UL, RoHS certificates, and we can profile LM80, IES, Integrating sphere test reports

Prompt Delivery & Economic Freight

7~8 days for regular IP20 LED Strip; 15 days for IP62~IP65 LED tapes. Shipment by sea or air is based on your requirement.

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