Why choose our NT led strip connector?


With the Quick Clip there is no need to strip the connecting wire, simply place the wire into the Quick Clip and clamp shut.
The same with the tapelight, with the Quick Clip, simply cut the tapelight at the cutting point, insert into clip and clamp shut.

The Quick Clip grips both the tapelight and wire with perfect connection that is strong and secure
No more flickering light from loose connections! No more soldering! No more hassle! Pretty simple!

Available in 2-Pin (Single Colour), 3-Pin (Tunable White), 4-Pin (RGB) and 5-Pin (RGBW)



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1. Compatible with waterproof strips

No matter for silicone glue strip or silicone sleeve strip, you don’t need to remove the protective silicon glue or sleeve, very simple and fast connection.

myledy connector for silicone glue and silicone sleeve strip

2. Workable for color changing strip

If you have color changing led strips such as: tunable white, RGB, RGBW. Then our NT connectors will be workable for your strips.

myledy connector for multi color led strip

3. No dark space

As the connector are made of transparent PC, there won’t be any dark space for high density strips.

Myledy led strip connector with transparent housing

4. Customized wire length

No need to strip off the wire, so you can decide the wire length according to project requirements.

myledy led strip connector

Check below Video for How to use the connector