LDN0612 LED Neon Light

  • Section Size: 06mm x 12mm
  • 120 LEDs/M, Side Bend
  • Power – 10W
  • >90 CRI
  • CCT: 1800K~6000K
  • Up to 50000hours Lifespan

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Item No.: LD-N0612-24-10P7-W


  • Dimension:

Led Neon Flex 0612 Dimension

  • Light distribution:

  • Features:
    1.  Seamless and uniform light output, dot free
    2.  Bendable at horizontal direction
    3.  IP67 protection
    4.  High light transmittance, environmental silicone material.
    5.  Robust housing with high quality silicon, UV proof for true
    6.  Outdoor application
    7.  Easy installation with clips and bendable track
    8.  Cut-able for flexible application
    9.  Light source: high luminous efficiency
    10.  LM80 test proved.

Technical parameters:

LED Type/QTY :

2835H LED ; 120 LEDs/M

Voltage :

DC 24V

Cutting Interval :

50 mm

Power :

10 W/M

Lumens :

240~280 LM/M(+/-10%)

Light Color :

Red, Green, Blue, Orange, White – 1800K~6000K

IP Lever :


Standard Length :

5m / reel

Work Temperature:

-25°C ~ 60°C

Storage Temperature :

-30°C ~ 80°C

Standard Accessory Package:

Attentions For Side Bends:

  • Bendable at horizontal left/right direction
  • Minimum bending diameter is 60mm
* Vertical bending is not allowed.
* No Stretching
* No Twisting
* No Trampling

Installation Guide For Neon LED Strip:

Here are some easy steps to install neon LED strips in your residential or commercial property:

Step 1. Cutting to The Right Size You Need

Most of the time, your LED seller will give you pre-cut neon led strip lights. But if they don’t, you can do it yourself.

Every neon flex LED light comes with dotted lines present after every 0.5 meter along the solder pads. You can cut them to achieve the desired length.

Installation Of Neon Strip Light Step 1

Step 2. Connect the Transmission End of the Strip to a Power Connector

  1. First, apply glue to the outer jacket, ensuring glue doesn’t get to any core wiring. And you should note:

1)  Wait for at least 8 hours for the glue to fully set.
2)  Insert the male connector into the light body while keeping the terminal pins aligned with the strip’s core wire.
3)  The connector must fit securely and sit with all aligned terminal pins.

2. Install the clip securely on one side of the strip.

3. Attach the fixing box carefully over the clip.

Installation Of Neon Strip Step 2.1
Installation Of Neon Strip Step 2.2
Installation Of Neon Strip Step 2.3

Step 3. Insert a Tail Plug Into The Non-transmission End

  1. Apply some glue to the end cap and install a tail plug in the strip’s on-transmission end.

  2. Install the clip carefully.

  3. Carefully attach the fixing box.

Installation Of Neon Strip Step 3.1
Installation Of Neon Strip Step 3.2
Installation Of Neon Strip Step 3.3

Step 4. Carefully attach the fixing box.

Install the track through a screw, then insert the strip into the track.

Installation Of Neon Strip Step 4

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