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Founded in 2003, as the leading manufacturer of LED strip lights in China, Myledy also focuses on the development and production of top-grade LED neon lights. Our LED neon uses state-of-the-art LED tape inside and top-quality silicone materials to ensure the outstanding lighting performance and a super long use lifetime.

With its excellent R&D team, Myledy has not only developed a variety of LED neon lights for bulk requirements but also can provide you with professional customization services.

Gallery Of myledy COB LED lights

Single Nature White

The monochromatic options encompass a spectrum of colors such as white, red, green, blue, yellow, and others. The white light's color temperature ranges from 2400K to 6000K, with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 90. The chip density is available in three variants: 320, 400, and 480 chips per meter, ensuring dotless and uniform lighting.

320LEDs mono-white COB LED light

Item: LD-C320H-24-S08-8P0-W

  • LED Qty: 320 LEDs/M
  • Power: 8 W/M
  • PCB Width: 8 mm
  • Lumen: 745-845 LM/M
  • Voltage: 24V DC 、 12V DC
  • Color: 2200K – 6500K
  • CRI: >90
  • Cutting Length: 50mm
  • Waterproof: IP20, IP65, IP68
  • Length/Reel: 5004mm(16.41t)

Mini PCB COB LED Light

Mini PCB COB LED light

Item: LD-C480-24-S04-04P0-W

  • LED Qty: 480 LEDs/M
  • Power: 4 W/M
  • PCB Width: 4 mm
  • Lumen: 280-350 LM/M
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Color: 2200K – 6500K
  • CRI: >90
  • Cutting Length: 50mm
  • Waterproof: IP20
  • Length/Reel: 2500mm(8.36ft) 

Item: LD-C480-24-S06-06P0-W

  • LED Qty: 480 LEDs/M
  • Power: 6 W/M
  • PCB Width: 6 mm
  • Lumen: 420-530 LM/M
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Color: 2200K – 6500K
  • CRI: >90
  • Cutting Length: 50mm
  • Waterproof: IP20
  • Length/Reel: 5004mm(16.41ft) 

Tunable white COB LED Light

The tunable COB LED Strip Light offers a versatile lighting solution, allowing you to experience a full spectrum of white ambiances. With a simple touch, it smoothly transitions between light colors ranging from 2700K to 6500K. Additionally, it features a dimmable function, enabling you to adjust the intensity for various purposes. Two options are available: 608LED with 14W and 840LED with 20W, providing flexibility to meet different lighting preferences and requirements.

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One of the most popular LED lights today, COB LED strips, offers you both style and convenience. But what are COB LED strips, and what to look for when buying one? Is COB LED strip a better option than other popular LED products? Let’s explore all these answers here.

1. know about COB LED strip light

What's COB?

hip-on-Board or “COB” refers to the mounting of a bare LED chip in direct contact with a substrate (such as silicon carbide or sapphire) to produce LED arrays.

What's COB LED Strip Light?

The construction of COB LED strips is different from that of the regular SMD LED strip. SMD LEDs are soldered to the packaging strip. COB LEDs are lined onto the PCB and then covered using translucent material.

Due to this translucent material, COB LED strip light will provide a continuous ray of light. This makes COB LED different from SMD strips. Not only is there more light intensity, but it also gives off a nice effect, making the LEDs stand out.

How Long Can a COB LED Strip Using?

LED strip COB has a lifespan similar to SMD LED strips. They can last for around 50,000 hours. Even though the initial investment is a bit high, these lights last you a long period.

Also, LED COB strip light consumes less energy, so not only will your light last for at least 4 to 5 years, but you’re also saving on electricity costs.

What Colors are Available for COB LED Strips?

Similar to SMD strips, COB strips are also available in various colors. You’ll find COB LEDs in the following color options:

Cob Led Strip Color Available

What is IP Grade Available for COB LED Strips?

For COB LED strips, you’ll find the following IP grades available:

  • IP20 – This is best for indoor use as not waterproof at all. You can set up these in your cabinet, bedroom, or living room. 
  • IP65 – This COB LED strip has a silicone sleeve and is perfect for outdoors. They can handle low water pressure, so you can also use them in damp areas as long as you don’t submerge them into the water.

Cob Led Strip Waterproof Grade

2. Using of COB LED strip

What's the Application of COB LED Strips?

As mentioned earlier, one of the best things about COB LED strips is that it creates a smooth, seamless beam of light. You won’t see any visible spots, making it perfect for using on reflective surfaces like granite countertops and tiled floors.

LED cob strip lights with aluminum frofile

Moreover, this feature allows you to use these light strips for narrow places. So, you can light up your jewelry box or use these lights for backlighting.
Besides, as chip-on-board technology not only provides high-quality lighting, It also prevents heat from building up, which gives the LED strip more flexibility.

Widely application of LED COB Strip light:

Application Of Led Cob Strip Light 1

Which One to Choose? COB Strip vs SMD Strip

COB LED strip light uses chip-on-board technology. It’s an encapsulation of the chip packaged onto a flexible PCB board. One of the most common LED lights you’ll find in the market is the SMD LEDs. For these LEDs, the chip is permanently embedded onto the printed circuit board.
  • COB LED Strip light is Dot Free – The structural characteristics of COB LED strips to give it more beneficial in comparison to SMD LEDs. Unlike the luminous bed structure of SMD strips, the surface from which the light is emitted in COB is a linear colloid, resulting in a more uniform of light. As COB chips are directed embedded on to the PCB board, heat transfers from the chip to the board pretty quickly.
  • Wider Lighting Angle – The COB strip’s 180° illumination angle is larger than the 120° angle of SMD light strips. Simply put, a better aesthetic and better lighting.

Does COB LED Strips Need a LED profile for Heat Dissipation?

Like all LED strip lights, it’s best to get a LED profile for your COB LED strips. High-power LEDs must remove heat using thermal management. Without proper management, you might end up damaging your LEDs.

The aluminum extrusions provide a path for the heat to travel from the COB LED to the external environment.

Before you select a heat sink for your COB LED strip, be sure to consider how the following impact the heating and cooling processes:

  • Wattage
  • Surrounding temperature
  • If your LEDs have adhered in a closed or open space

3. Why choose Myledy COB LED strip?

Our Top Quality COB Light Is Based on Each Detail

COB LED strip light detail 3

brand chip

We use Epistar chip for our COB LED strip light, high brightness, no light spot, high color rendering, low light decay, durable.


We use double-sided electrolytic copper PCB, with gold-plated process, excellent flexibility, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance.

COB LED strip light 1

top-grade silicon gel

Our COB LED light is packaged with top-grade silicon gel, which with high light transmittance that can provide better protection and softer light.

Excellent color consistency

Same as Myledy other LED strip lights, our LED COB light will maintain our consistent of excellent color consistency,that can get up to 3 SDCM.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The choice between COB (Chip-on-Board) LED strip lights and SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED strip lights depends on the specific requirements of your lighting application.  COB LEDs are favored for applications where seamless and uniform lighting is crucial, while SMD LEDs offer a wider range of options and are often more cost-effective.

The disadvantages of COB LED strips include higher cost, limited flexibility, potential size concerns, fewer color and brightness options compared to SMD strips, heat dissipation considerations, and increased complexity in repair.

Yes, you can cut the COB LED strip along the designated cutting marks. Additionally, certain specially designed COB LED strips offer the flexibility to be cut freely

We offer a range of waterproof COB LED strips to suit different needs:

Non-waterproof (IP20): Ideal for indoor use, these COB LED strips lack waterproofing and are designed for interior applications.

Water-resistant (IP65 or IP67): Featuring a protective coating, these COB LED strips are water-resistant, making them suitable for use in damp environments or areas exposed to occasional splashes.

Waterproof (IP68): Designed for demanding applications, our fully waterproof COB LED strips with an IP68 rating can withstand submersion. Perfect for outdoor use, including gardens, around pools, or in other weather-exposed areas.

Yes, all MYLEDY COB LED strips are dimmable, allowing users to adjust the brightness based on their preferences.

Using an LED aluminum profile can enhance thermal management, especially in applications with prolonged high-brightness use or limited ventilation.

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1. What is LED Neon Flex?

Neon LED strip lights are the most efficient form of LED lighting that you can use in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. This strip is a flexible LED tube, enclosed in silicone and consists of a cluster of LEDs installed on a PCB strip. 

Highly flexible, Uniform and beautiful light output, making LED Neon Light a variety of shapes and be widely used. Here are some ways you can utilize this flexible neon light for:

  • An accent, or drawl lighting in your living area
  • Task lighting in your office
  • Creating your retail display signages
  • Ambient lighting inside your RV or around your RV’s awning

How to customize your LED neon flex?

Addressing your unique LED neon needs for special events, architectural projects, and other bespoke lighting requirements. Customization options include:

  • Based on normal neon type — It’s very easy to customize the color, length, and cable outlet for your special projects.
  • Customization of new neon flex styles — Our professional R&D experts can design new neon lights according to customer descriptions and then provide samples meanwhile ensuring the exclusive supply.
Led Neon Light Waterproof 1
Led Neon Light Waterproof 2


You can design the width, height, and thickness to ensure a tailored solution to meet the specific requirements of each application.


Our products are can be customized into various shapes, including slim, flat, square, tri-view, round 360-degree, 3D bend, and mini neon.

IP Rating-

Higher IP rating equals better waterproofing for LED neon lights; IP68 is the highest wet rating. Customization available based on your requirements.

Custom Length-

Standard neon lights is 5 meters, but we can produce other lengths to match your project's requirements.

Color Temperature-

Color temperature directly influences the environment's feel. Utilize our light customization service to choose the right CCT for your neon lights.

Power consumption-

Power consumption can be adjusted to suit various applications, such as accent lighting, under-cabinet illumination, or others.

Cable entry and Bend type-

To prevent design errors, we provide clients with freedom to choose cabel entry and bend designs.

Why choose MYLEDY LED Tape Light?

Top Quality Neon Lights

  • LED Chip – Generally, MYLEDY Led strips are using Epistar LED chips. We can also take other brand chips according to customers’ requirements such as Cree Samsung Philips chips etc. High quality LED strip lights are myledy’s consistent pursuit.
  • PCB Board – Myledy uses at least 2 oz 100% pure copper pcb plates, some are 3 ounces and 4 ounces for better heat dissipation. Our PCB boards are purchased from well-known PCB producers that can meet the CE, RoHS, UL etc requirements and ensure excellent quality.
  • Top Silicone Skin – As an important component of neon lights, the quality of silicone skin will affect the brightness and uniformity of neon light. Myledy has always used the top quality silicone to produce the most elegant and durable neon lights.

Color Consistency

Color consistency is particularly important for Myledy focusing on high quality projects. Apart from ensuring color consistency for one order, we will record each batch BIN number (≤2 Step, +/-50K) ensuring that the following orders can be as consistent as possible before orders. To make sure guests projects display perfect lighting effect.

Extreme Strict Quality Control

Myledy automated production equipment allows inspection of each step of production, to ensure zero failure rate and the delivery time within 7-15 working days. Every stage of production is inspected by trained QC workers. All strip lights will undergo a 4-8 hours aging test to ensure 50000hours lifespan.

Flexible MOQ & Competitive Price

Myledy’s regular MOQ is 200m, but flexible MOQ customized lighting projects are also available. Opt for MYLEDY as your LED Neon Flex supplier and enjoy competitive wholesale prices when buying in bulk.

Experienced R&D Teams and Sales Team

Our experienced R&D team enable myledy to innovate continuously, while satisfy customer requirements for OEM projects. Our professional sales-mate reply your questions at first time.

Intimate after-sales service

All Myledy LED strip lights provide 5-year after-sales service. Our professional and considerate service will make your lighting project worry-free forever.

For your “done-and-forget” LED lighting projects

We can do
for you?

Free Samples

Myledy can provide Free samples of LED strip for customers to better decide what products are needed for his projects.

LOGO Printing

Customized LOGO, date, batch number etc. can be printed on LED strip PCB.

Special Accessories

Relevant cables, connectors, LED profiles, power and other special accessories are available for your projects.

Customized Length & Color

Myledy is proficient in color consistency of led strip lights, we keep one bin and make customized length of LED tape for your projects.

Certificates & Testing Reports

Myledy LED Strip lights have CE, UL, RoHS certificates, and we can profile LM80, IES, Integrating sphere test reports

Prompt Delivery & Economic Freight

7~8 days for regular IP20 LED Strip; 15 days for IP62~IP65 LED tapes; 14~18 days for LED neon flex. Shipment by sea or air is based on your requirement.

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